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What’s The Difference Between Bodily Injury Coverage and Med Pay?

Your auto insurance coverage provides you with options of Bodily Injury Coverage and Med Pay. Do you know the difference?

Bodily Injury Coverage Auto Insurance in New Haven, CT

Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out exactly what type of auto insurance coverage you need to be completely covered when you get into an accident. From collision to comprehensive to liability coverage, there’s plenty of available protection that you should take advantage of.

What stumps policy holders often is bodily injury coverage and Med Pay coverage. What’s the difference and are both necessary?

Bodily injury coverage is an addition to auto insurance that covers the medical bills caused to you by another party. This covers the expenses of the other driver, any passengers, and any pedestrians involved in the accident. This type of coverage helps you to avoid getting sued for medical payments that exceed the amount of liability coverage that you hold. The bodily-injury-coverage may add a slight increase to your premium, but it means that you won’t receive an unwelcome lawsuit down the road.

Med Pay coverage is a medical bill payment that covers you and your passengers. This surpasses your health insurance so you won’t need to file a claim against your health insurance. Instead, the claim goes through your auto insurance company which then processes the payments. In some cases, even if you go to the hospital and attempt to use your health insurance, the hospital may route it through your car insurance if you have Med Pay coverage.

Learn about your options for bodily-injury-coverage and medical payment coverage! In a collision, you’ll rely on this coverage so that you do not suffer from financial strain. Contact Abbate Insurance in New Haven, Connecticut for all of your insurance needs today!

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