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What Are Home Endorsements and Do You Need Them?Why homeowners should consider a home endorsement.  

Keeping your home safe from disaster is of the utmost importance to you as a homeowner. Your home is where you and your family relax, grow, and feel secure. However, disaster can threaten this security. That’s why you have homeowners insurance, right? While home coverage does a lot to protect your family, finances, and belongings, every policy has its limits. For further protection, you should consider a home endorsement.

What It Is

A home insurance endorsement is a form of additional insurance coverage that can be added onto your current policy. An endorsement gives you coverage for incidents and disasters that aren’t covered under your standard home insurance policy. This makes it the best option to tailor your coverage to your specific needs.

When You Need One

Home insurance endorsements are available for a variety of different threats to the security of your property. For example, standard home insurance does not provide coverage for earthquake and flood damage. High-value items (such as jewelry and paintings) may also be left without protection. Luckily, endorsements can help to broaden your policy’s coverage so that you have enough protection for all your risks.

Why You Need One

Although a basic home insurance policy gives you great coverage, often, you need more than what’s provided. You need home insurance endorsements so that you’re best able to protect your home from non-covered disasters.

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