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Ways to Reduce Auto Insurance Cost

Car insurance is something that any driver needs to have. Whether you want basic liability protection or full coverage, it’s important to get the best rate possible that gives you the best bang for your buck. However, there are plenty of ways to minimize auto insurance premiums without sacrificing protection. Read on to know more.

Bundling Insurance Policies & Other Discounts

Consider purchasing auto insurance from the same company that provides your homeowner’s insurance to save money. The more policies you purchase, the greater the discount you may be eligible for. Other possible discounts are:

  1. For Your Youngsters:

    If your teens are drivers and have successfully finished a driver’s education course, they can be qualified for discounts. If your child is attending school away from home and isn’t likely to drive your vehicle very often, many insurance companies may give them a discount.

  2. For Yourself and Your Spouse:

    Discounts might be available if you’re over 50, less likely to get in an accident, or if you only drive a minimum number of miles each year—say, fewer than 7,500. Additionally, if no drivers in your household have accumulated more than two points for moving violations, you may be eligible for good-driver discounts. However, if you were involved in a serious accident or a drink-driving incident during the last seven years, you may not be eligible for this discount.

  3. For Your Accessories:

    If your vehicle has equipment like dual airbags, automatic seat belts, and anti-lock brakes, you may qualify for “safety device” discounts. Similar discounts can be available for anti-theft tools like alarms and active or passive disablers.

One of the best ways to reduce auto insurance is to compare the top auto insurance companies. Each company provides different discounts for different coverages suitable to your needs, so regardless of your situation, you will be able to find the right policy for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our professionals at Abbate Insurance Associates Inc. today to learn more about affordable car insurance and stay safe behind the wheel.

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