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Best Ways to Keep Employees Happy

Workplace happiness is essential for every business. It’s often undervalued, even though research has found that happy employees are indeed more productive than unsatisfied ones. Happy and content employees are more likely to work better, faster, and be more creative, not to mention their increased engagement and loyalty is likely to result in lower staff turnover rates. Is your business doing all you can to keep your workforce content and engaged? Take a look at the best ways to keep employees happy.


How to Keep Employees Happy as a Business Owner

 1. Offer flexible working

A healthy work-life balance is essential for employees these days. Get the best from your team by contributing to their overall happiness by offering flexible work patterns. Letting them come in early to avoid rush hour or leave early to pick up their kids is likely to boost your popularity in their eyes. As long as they are completing their work on time, why not introduce some flexibility in scheduling?

2.Set realistic goals

Setting targets is a great way to manage your team, but avoid being too ambitious. When you set goals that are hard to achieve, not only do you halt success for your business, but employees can easily get overwhelmed and disheartened. Realistic goals are more likely to be achieved, helping with staff progress plans and encouraging personal development.

3. Be transparent

When your team are regularly updated about the business and are all on the same page, it helps to cultivate trust and loyalty. Spend a bit of time investing in the future of your company by being open about business plans and goals, including your team and even asking for their input. Transparency is also appreciated when it comes to career prospects and pathways. Letting individuals know what they are working towards is a great incentive for productivity and loyalty.

4. Offer positive experiences

On average, we spend 1/3 of our life at work, so it’s important that we enjoy. As a business owner, you can help employees enjoy their time at work by creating positive experiences and unexpected surprises. While bonuses are a great way to put a smile on their faces, you can always offer discounts on local items, host unique events, or even buy them lunch to create a more memorable time.


When someone has done a good job, it pays to thank them for their time and effort. If employees feel underappreciated, they might start looking for jobs elsewhere where they feel they can be noticed. A quick note to say thank you, a bonus, or a small gift is often all it takes for employees to feel loyal to the brand and feel worthy. Small rewards are worth the extra cost to your business to make your staff feel more valued. Alternative ideas include rewarding them with extra vacation days, tickets to a show, or even a tasty treat left on their desk.


These are just some of the ways you can keep employees happy. When looking to protect your company, be sure to talk to our team at Abbate Insurance about how insurance policies can help during this time.

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