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Vegetables That Are Super-Easy to Grow In Your Garden

Have you often admired your neighbor’s lush and healthy vegetable garden while secret wishing it could be yours? Starting your own dream garden may seem like a lot of hard work and almost an impossible feat, but in fact it can be rewarding and enjoyable. In fact, it might just be one of the easiest things you do in your lifetime.

You can grow your own vegetable garden easily with crops ranging from carrots to crisp cucumbers to lettuce. Check below for some of the easiest vegetables to grow even when you’re new to the world of gardening.

  1. Cucumbers:

    This versatile vegetable thrives in plenty of sunlight. They are also best grown in small spaces since they can grow vertically. This leaves the larger spaces of your new garden for other vegetables as long as there’s enough sunlight to penetrate the cucumbers.

  2. Kale:

    Unlike cucumbers, excessive heat can damage kale’s distinct flavor. This green leaf vegetable thrives in an evenly moist soil that is also rich in organic matter. Kale is nutrient-packedand makes a great choice for smoothies, salads, and even pasta dishes. It can be grown in containers or raised garden beds.

  3. Green Beans:

    These are not only low calorie, but also filled with nutrients that include vitamins C, K and folate. Green beans work well with home gardens since all they need to thrive is full sunlight and a moderately rich soil.

  4. Carrots:

    This orange, root vegetable requires well-drained, soft soil. Watch for excess moisture, as it may attract wireworms that could wreak havoc on your Vitamin A loaded vegetable.

  5. Lettuce:

    This leafy vegetable is perfect to grow if space is limited in your garden, as it can thrive as well as any other vegetable in moderate temperatures and a certain level of shade.

  6. Bell peppers:

    Just as with kale, this popular vegetable thrives in well-drained soil rich in organic matter and warm temperatures. Growing bell peppers appropriately will reward you with the satisfying crunch and kick they bring to enhancing dishes such as salads, pastas, and meats.

  7. Pumpkins:

    This holiday-themed vegetable can be used for carving, decorating, and even baking. Unlike the other vegetables listed above, it requires more space to grow. Planting pumpkin works best in the fall with soil warmed by the summer. It will not germinate at all in cold soil such as in the spring.

  8. Beets:

    These high-fiber vegetables are also extremely rich in vitamins A and C. They easily grow from seed and benefit greatly from loose soil. They should be planted in spring or late summer, preferably in loamy, acidic soil.

  9. Radishes:

    Similarly with carrots, these vegetables benefit from spreading the seeds well and planting them in loose soil. This versatile root vegetable adds a nice element of texture and flavor to soups or salads.

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