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How to: Take Better Photos on Your Vacation!

Travel Photography Tips for Every VacationTraveling this summer? Capture your journey with these tips.

Summer is the time for traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, and exploring! Whether you plan to hike your local hills or jet set for a round-the-world adventure, you may be contemplating which camera to take that will provide you with the best photos of your trip.

As you’re not likely to leave your smartphone at home, opt to make the most out of your phone’s camera rather than carry bulky equipment! If you want some Instagram-worthy pics from your trip, don’t leave home without these tips!

  1. Research your destination. Spend a bit of time finding out about the local landmarks, interesting architecture, and areas of beauty that would make a great picture. More often than not, you’re right around the corner from a beautiful photo opportunity!
  2. Rethink the cliché shots. Visiting tourist spots when traveling is practically inevitable, but you don’t want to return home with your images looking just like the guidebook. Switch up your angles, views, and filters for unique shots of popular travel destinations. Move around and get to know your subject. Shooting from a low angle is an easy way to show a scene from a perspective that people don’t normally see from standing height.
  3. Shoot portraits of local people. A great way to capture the essence of your destination is to take portrait photos of local people. If you’re shooting from a distance, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to take a close-up portrait of a particular person, always ask permission first. Photographing people in their own, natural environment projects a candid view of the culture.
  4. Capture small details. When taking photos on your travels, you’re likely to shoot wide landscapes, tranquil beaches, and busy street scenes. These all make great photos, but don’t forget to look for the smaller details at your destination. Keep your eyes peeled for traditional elements unique to your destination, such as details in architecture, local materials, food, colors, textures, and patterns.
  5. Document your entire journey. You don’t have to wait until your plane lands before snapping away. If you see a good photo opportunity at the airport, don’t let it slide! Capture the hustle and bustle of the airport to tell a complete story of your journeys.

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