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Do You Have the Proper Amount of Insurance Coverage?

The 2015 year is half over, and if you have had any changes in your life, your insurance policies may need to be updated. Reviewing your insurance policies at least once a year is the best way to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage for your specific needs. Ask yourself these questions to decide if your insurance

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The Benefits Of An Independent Insurance Agent

Here are a few reasons an independent insurance agency can serve you better than online sites: Savings: Independent insurance agents represent multiple insurance carriers and can shop your account for the most competitive rates and coverages.  And they do the work for you, saving you time, and navigating the complexity of insurance intricacies, placing your coverages professionally and personally. Proper

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Open Enrollment Ends February 15th

Do Not Miss This Crucial Deadline You probably have your calendar marked for February 14th so you will not forget to get your sweetheart something special for Valentine’s Day. Do you have it marked for the day after, though? February 15th marks the end of the current open enrollment period for individual healthcare plans as mandated by the federal government in the Affordable

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