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How to prepare your car for a summer road trip.  

Summer is right around the corner, and that means summer road trips are almost here! Being able to jump in your car and go on an adventure leads to many summer memories. What’s more, driving is an economic and attractive choice to get away for the summer. Preparing your car ahead of your summer road trip ensures that your drive is relaxing and stress-free. To prepare your vehicle, take a look at these top tips.

Check the battery

If you haven’t had your battery checked recently, doing so before you hit the road is a wise idea. Your mechanic will clean out your battery terminals to remove any debris or build-up that could interfere with performance and ensure it’s running correctly. Keep jumper cables in your vehicle – just in case.

Inspect the tires

Your tires will need to last you many miles on your road tripping adventure, so be sure to replace old and worn tires before setting off. Before you leave, ensure that the tires are inflated to the correct tire pressure to improve efficiency.

Top up the fluids

Your car’s cooling system does more than just keep you comfortable in the summer; it’s an essential part of keeping your engine cool. For this reason, check your engine’s fluid levels, topping up the coolant if needed.

Be prepared

Now is the time to inspect your car’s emergency supply kit. Make sure that you have all of the essentials (think flashlight, blankets, food, water) that can tie you over if you breakdown on your travels.

Drive safely

It’s likely that you won’t be the only one who has planned a road trip. There may be more motorists on the road during summer, which may require more patience. Never drive drunk and remember that a little caution can go a long way in avoiding a major accident.

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