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Summer Risks to Your House – and How to Prevent Them

Warm summer days, lighter evenings, and quality family time together – summer is truly a wonderful time of year. Yet, homeowners often throw caution to the wind and forget about some of the more common dangers that happen during this season. To protect your property and family, take steps to mitigate some of the more common summer risks.


Place your grill properly

Be sure to keep your grill at least ten feet away from your house and avoid placing it in a garage, breezeway, or anywhere near a flammable material. Make sure to clean your flame tamers, burners, and grates with a wire brush to prevent fire hazards, too.


Light up your driveway

Installing security and floodlights with dusk-to-dawn or motion sensors will help you and your guests avoid accidents. It will also help to deter thieves who are looking for an unlit house so that they can move in the shadows.


Close the windows and doors

Warmer temperatures mean we open more windows and doors to cool down. Yet, many of us forget to close and lock these doors, creating an open invitation for thieves. Get into the habit of closing and locking doors before you leave the house or relaxing in your backyard.


Safeguarding your loved ones and property this season doesn’t have to be difficult. Do you need help deciding which homeowners insurance policy to purchase? Visit Abbate Insurance for your insurance policies in New Haven and neighboring cities in Connecticut!

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