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Summer Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pool safety tips for the summer.

It’s hot outside, and that means that if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor pool, you will get to enjoy a refreshing dip to cool off. While swimming pools can be a great source of summer fun, they can also be incredibly dangerous if you don’t exercise proper precautions. As a parent and/or homeowner, check out these tips for swimming safety this summer.

Teach children how to swim.

If your children are going to be using the pool this summer, ensure that they can swim safely. Provide flotation devices and sign them up for swimming lessons.

Never run around the pool.

Kids love to run and play around the pool seems to lead to running around the pool. Although it may seem fun, it can be dangerous. Pool decking can be slippery and wet, so be sure to remind swimmers to walk carefully around the pool area.

Keep an eye out.

Never leave children unattended in a swimming pool. Even reading a book or checking your phone for a minute can mean that you miss valuable seconds. Always ensure there is an adult present when children are in or around the pool.

Lock the gate.

When the temperatures rise, people look for ways to cool off. Keep any unwanted strangers out of your pool by maintaining a locked gate that leads to your pool.

Maintain proper pool chemistry.

Pool water can become unsafe if the pH levels are too high or too low. Keep a close check on the chemical levels of your water and adjust if needed. The pool should also be clean and fitted with a working cover.

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