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Steps to Simplify Filing a Home Insurance ClaimFiling a home insurance claim – simplified!

Homeowners file home insurance claims for many reasons, including a burglary, damage from a fire or storm, or when an injury occurs on their property. When an accident happens, it’s only natural to panic about your finances and the outcome, but with the help of these tips, you will know how to smoothly and simply file a claim.

Report to the police if there’s been a burglary.

File a police report and give it to your insurance company to support your claim. Many home insurance policies will require a police report if a theft has occurred.

Call your insurance company.

As soon as possible after the incident, call your insurance company. The claims department will assign a claims number and an insurance adjuster to your case. He or she will be responsible for assessing the damage and estimating the costs. The adjuster will help your insurance company determine how much will be paid out to you for replacement or repairs.

Document everything.

If your home has been damaged or burglarized, get out your camera and take pictures and videos of the damage. This will then need to be sent to your insurance company as proof of an incident. If there has been an injury or damage to your property, write down everything from the date, time, and details of the incident. Providing these details to your insurance company can help the claims process move more quickly.

Make repairs in the meantime. Keep receipts!

If you need to make minor repairs to your home to prevent further damage, do so. Be sure to keep the receipts for the work or materials required during this process. Your insurance company may be able to reimburse you for these expenses.

Consult your home inventory.

Consulting your home inventory will help to determine what items have been stolen or damaged – and the total cost of loss. Your home inventory should be complete with pictures, videos, and prices of your belongings so that your insurance company can repair or replace these items quickly.

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