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Steps to Protect Your Home From Winter Power Outages

Prepare your home for possible storm power outages this winter.

Winter brings cool weather, snow, ice, and storms. Unfortunately, it often brings power outages, too. Although these situations are less than ideal for homeowners and businesses, there are steps you can take to prepare and protect your property.

  • Have an emergency supply of food, water, flashlights, batteries, and medicine. A battery-powered radio is also helpful for staying informed about weather and news.
  • Cover doorways with blankets to close off the room with the heat source and use only that space.
  • Avoid opening the fridge as much as possible to keep the cold from leaking out, which can cause your food to spoil.
  • Before a storm, purchase surge protectors for electronics and devices that are expensive and can be damaged during storms and by the power going out.
  • Unplug electronics such as your television and computer.
  • Get a sump pump with a battery backup or a hydraulic pump or a generator. If the storm brings rain, you don’t want your home to flood with no way of getting the water out.
  • Secure outside furniture and anything else that can be at risk of damage.
  • Shut off your water in a storm and open faucets to let the pipes run dry. This helps to prevent your pipes from freezing and then bursting.

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