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Deal With Small Business Stressors with These Tips

Small Business Stressors with These TipsHard-working business professionals, use these tips to minimize your stress.

As much as you love your small business, being an entrepreneur can actually be harmful to your health. From burning the midnight oil to setting up your business single-handedly, you could be hindering your health.

It’s not surprising when you consider that entrepreneurs work longer hours than almost anyone else. Two-thirds of small business owners work over 40 hours a week, and one in ten put in a staggering 70 hours or more.

Be sure to put in the hours to revitalize your health and restore your sanity with these nifty tips!

Stop saying yes. As a small business owner, there’s a misconception that you must do everything in your power to be successful. While that is sometimes true, you can easily take on too much and run yourself into the ground – and possibly your company. Don’t let failure be an option; learn to say ‘no’ before signing yourself up for more work than you can handle.

Delegate tasks. You employ a team of staff – so use them! Instead of putting more onto your plate, delegate tasks to your specialized staff and trust that they’ll get it done correctly. This works wonders in taking a huge weight off your shoulders.

Unplug. When you have a day off, make it a day away from the office entirely! Don’t check your work emails every five minutes or call into the office to make sure that things are running smoothly. Take a load off and relax! For maximum stress reduction, spend quality time with friends and family.

Now focus on getting your health and stress on track! At Abbate Insurance, we can help you to determine the right coverage for your business in New Haven, Connecticut. Visit us today to get started.

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