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Simple Tips To Create A Safe Workplace

Workplace Safety Rules

Workplace Safety Tips

There are many responsibilities that come with owning a business, including making sure that all of your employees and visitors stay safe.  Slips, falls, and trips are among the most common causes of workplace injury.  Taking simple workplace safety precautions to create a safe work environment will help to avoid injuries, possible lawsuits, and financial losses.

There are many causes of slips and falls in the workplace, including uneven, wet, or slippery walking surfaces.  Along with regular maintenance, keep these simple tips in mind to help prevent slips and falls at your business:

  • Design all walkways and entrances large enough to accommodate the highest amount of foot traffic through your business.
  • Periodically conduct walkthroughs of your entire property to make sure that everything is in a safe condition.
  • Make sure all walkways have proper lighting.
  • In areas of your property that are proven to be wet, make sure to use slip-resistant floor treatments.
  • Always use “wet floor” signs to warn passersby of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Schedule all of your floor maintenance during times when there will be low or no foot traffic.
  • Have cleanup supplies in easily accessible areas of your property.
  • Make sure that all of your entryways are well maintained and that all floor mats are secured.

If someone does slip and fall at your place of business, make sure to document all findings surrounding the incident. Get the names of those injured, as well as any witnesses.  Make sure to take pictures of the location, and take note of the current conditions.

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