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Retail Risk Management: Knowing the Top Threats

clothing line of retail storeDo you know the common risks threatening your retail business?


From physical injuries in your store to damaging cyber attacks, retail risks can have a significant impact on your business. Here are just a few to consider.


Theft of physical items

Shoplifters remain a major headache for traditional store operators. A great way to deter thieves is to implement video-monitoring equipment, sensor-based product tags, and locked display cases for small items. Train your employees to greet customers and watch out for tell-tale signs of thieves moving in large groups or distracting store assistants.


Data breaches

In today’s society, your online store is just as important as your physical store. Hackers are always looking for ways to intercept online sales to gain bank account information or steal important data from businesses. Always keep an eye out for phishing emails that launch attacks and keep software up to date. Cyber liability insurance can help when your business has been attacked and is recovering.


Customer injuries

Customers who visit a physical store can sustain physical injuries, no matter how many signs you hang warning of wet floors. General liability insurance protects your retail business if a customer sues you for the injuries they sustained while on your premises.


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