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Renters: Must-Do Tasks to Handle Before You MoveDon’t forget to check off these tasks before you move out.

If you’re about to move out of your rental apartment, then it’s likely that you’re preoccupied with getting excited about your new space. You may be packing, signing paperwork, and dreaming about how you’re going to decorate the space. Before you get ahead of yourself, there are some tasks that you shouldn’t forget to complete before you leave your current property.

Patch up holes

Once you’ve taken shelves and artwork down, remove the nails and screws from the wall. Patch up the holes with spackling paste. Don’t forget to sand each spot for a smooth wall and paint over it if you have the paint pots.


Nothing quite freshens up space like painting does. If you weren’t supposed to paint or you agreed to repaint when you moved out, unfortunately, you will have to tackle this chore. Luckily, paint is cheap and you can make a day of it!


Don’t forget to give the apartment a good cleaning after everything has been moved out. Be sure to get rid of stains, smells, and cobwebs to ensure the place looks its best for the next inspection.

Leave an empty apartment

You may think you’re doing the landlord a favor or future tenants by leaving a spare broom or a small table. However, it’s usually always best to take your belongings with your or donate it if you don’t want it.

Gather the keys

Remember to pick up the keys that you handed out to trusty neighbors and family members.

Call your insurer

Remember to contact your renter’s insurance company to let them know that you are leaving that apartment. If you’re moving into rental accommodation, you’ll need to keep renter’s insurance for your new place. If you’re moving into a home that you own, homeowners insurance is necessary.

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