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Reducing Risks to Your Business VehiclesLimit the exposure that your business faces when out and about on the roads.

As a business owner, you should know that keeping your business’ vehicles safe means a lot more than keeping them under lock and key. When your company is on the go, it’s easy to forget about the dangers quite literally right in front of you. Fortunately, that’s why we’re here. Here’s how to reduce the risks of vehicles being involved in an accident, being a victim of vandalism and damage, and your employees getting hurt.

Put policies in place:

  • Establish a policy that prohibits drivers from using their cell phone, eating, or drinking while driving.
  • Determine a zero-tolerance policy for drivers who drive drunk and under the influence.
  • Ensure that all employees park vehicles in well-lit areas that are secure when they are on the go, and they keep all doors locked and alarmed.
  • Limit the use of using work vehicles for non-work related events.

Maintain the vehicles:

  • Perform the necessary maintenance checks on the vehicles as needed. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s guide if you’re unsure.
  • Before any employee drives off in a vehicle, ensure that they look around the vehicle for any damage, flat tires, and on the dashboard for any new warning lights.

Perform employee checks:

  • Before hiring any new employee that will use and operate the vehicles, take a look into their background. Research their driving record, call references and check that they have the necessary training behind them.
  • Require all new hires to take a safety driving course, no matter their skill or experience.

Furthermore, take the time to review your commercial auto insurance. While you put the necessary policies and checks into place, let the professionals handle your insurance needs.

At Abbate Insurance, we can help you to determine the right coverage for your business in New Haven, Connecticut. Visit us today to get started!


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