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Winter Home Protecting Your Home While On Vacation Tired of the cold weather, and heading to warmer climes?  It is important to make sure that your home is prepared properly for your absence.  Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your home is safe while you are away:

  • Make your home look occupied – ask a trusted neighbor to collect your mail while you are away so that your mailbox is not overflowing. Install a timer on a few lights in your home so that your home does not stay dark and look empty. Also, make sure to install motion sensor lights outside of your home. Burglars are less likely to break in to your home if they cannot hide in the shadows.
  • Protect your pipes – if you will be leaving for a long period of time, drain all the water out of your pipes. Make sure all pipes that are exposed to the cold are wrapped in insulated covers to prevent them from freezing and bursting.
  • Leave your heat on and set to at least 55 degrees.  This will help to prevent your pipes from freezing and leaking water throughout your home until you return.  Even a small, “slow” leak can leak hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water as it leaks continuously and unnoticed.
  • Clean up – while your home is empty, pests are more likely to make themselves at home. Wipe down your counters and take out the trash.  Make sure food is stored in securely sealed packaging.

Maintain the right coverages on your property.  The proper homeowners insurance can help to mitigate the financial risk of a loss occurring to your home while you are away.  Contact the insurance experts at Abbate Insurance in New Haven, Connecticut for all of your insurance coverage needs. Source:  travelers.com


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