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Protect Your Company Cars with a Commercial Automobile Insurance Policy

A commercial automobile insurance policy is necessary if you have any number of company vehicles that your employees use; from just one car that is used to run errands, to a fleet of 50 trucks. It does not matter if your company owns or leases the vehicles, a commercial automobile insurance policy is still needed. A commercial auto insurance policy is also necessary if any of your employees uses their personal vehicle to conduct any type of work for your business.

Not all commercial auto insurance policies are the same.  Every type of business needs slightly different coverage options which is why it is important to make sure that you talk to your independent insurance agent to ensure that you invest in the right policy to suit the needs of your business. Typical coverage options available for a commercial automobile insurance policies include, but are not limited to:

  • Blanket Vehicle liability Coverage
  • Coverage Options To Cover Damage To Your Vehicles
  • Legal liability For Garage Keepers
  • Out of State Coverage

For the most comprehensive commercial automobile  insurance policy for your business, contact Abbate Insurance in New Haven, Connecticut, your Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent. We will tailor a policy to meet the specific needs of your business.


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