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Pet Insurance


Pet Insurance

Protecting Your Four-Legged Friends with Pet Insurance

For most of us, our furry companions are more than just pets; they’re part of the family. When they are ill or involved in an accident, it can be a distressing time for them and you. Having pet insurance will help with unexpected costs, giving you added peace of mind that they receive all the help that they can get.

What does pet insurance cover?

Our pet insurance policies cover a range of accidents and illnesses under one simple yet comprehensive policy. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be reimbursed for most veterinarian bills. Policies can include:

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Diagnostic testing and imaging
  • ER and specialist care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Cancer treatment
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Surgery, hospitalization, and nursing care
  • Consultations and exam fees
  • Wellness: Vaccinations, microchipping, grooming, teeth cleaning, and more.

Since no two pets are alike, we tailor policies to suit your animal companion and your budget. Your quote will depend on the age of your pet, the breed, location, the deductible, and the reimbursement amount you select.

Abbate Insurance Associates has your pet covered from nose to tail. We know how best to protect your four-legged friend with reliable pet insurance. We make finding insurance easy.

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