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Remodeling And Your Homeowners Insurance

Construction or repair of the rural house

How Will Remodeling Your Home Affect Your Insurance Rates?

Thinking about a home remodel can be exciting.  You can picture your dream home – from the more open floor plan, to the nicer  flooring, to the more beautiful countertops.  It can be energizing to imagine your home looking its very best.

If you have been thinking about undertaking a home remodel, you should consider the way the changes you hope to implement will impact your homeowners insurance.  As you add to your home, connect with your insurance agent to ensure that you are maintaining the right level of coverage to keep up with your additions.  Finishing your basement, for example, will add value to your home so it is important to ensure your homeowners insurance still offers enough coverage to rebuild it should something happen.

The good news is that the increased coverage required could be balanced out by changes to your home that could drive your premiums down.  If you updated your electrical, heating or plumbing systems, or added a security system this could yield discounts for you.  Let your agent know about any changes to your home to keep pace with insuring it to value, and to see if additional discounts may be available for the improvements you have made.

You deserve to have an agent who will be available to you during your remodel to ensure you have the coverage you need every step of the way.  To work with a dedicated insurance agency, contact your local Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent, Abbate Insurance Associates in New Haven, Connecticut.  We are here to help you secure the right homeowners insurance before, after, and during your remodel.





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