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Your Debris Removal Coverage


Does Your Policy Contain Coverage For Clean Up?

In the event your home is damaged by a fire, who pays for the cleanup of the damaged structure and the removal of debris?  A damaged structure often requires partial or complete demolition before rebuilding can occur.  Removing and hauling away the debris can be costly.  An older home can make these costs even higher.  Fortunately, a properly written homeowners insurance policy contains coverage for the cost of cleaning up a damaged structure and removing debris.

It then becomes important for you to understand where your policy has limits surrounding debris removal.  It is also important to note that in order for your debris removal coverage to kick in, the debris has to have been caused by a covered peril.  Do not be unfamiliar with or confused by your insurance policies.  Dialogue with a team of dedicated agents who will help you understand your coverage, contact your local Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent, Abbate Insurance in New Haven, Connecticut.





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