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Advice for Millennials

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Growing up entails many things for people in their twenties, like graduating, finding a job, grad school, finding your place in the real world and still maintaining a social life to name a few. While all these life events are new and scary, they don’t have to be difficult if you plan ahead. When you know about something before diving into it, you generally have insight into potential problems that might arise, as opposed to if you did not research and plan. You didn’t just send out college applications, you took the time to do your research, explored your options, and made an educated decision on which school would be the best fit for your life and career goals. The more you educate yourself along the way makes it easier to accomplish anything when you are faced with it.

For many of you, one day in the near future, one of those ‘somethings’ will be insurance and if you fail to educate yourself on it now, you could be facing major setbacks in the future. Don’t ever think it’s too early to start planning, especially when it comes to insurance. You might not realize it yet, but much of what you do today plays into effect when you try to shop for your first policy.

To kickstart your insurance lessons, here are a few words of advice from our staff at Abbate Insurance Associates, Inc. And on a side note, some of the advice is stuff we wish we knew when we were in our twenties.


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