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Managing Help for Businesses Navigating COVID-19

Every business – large and small – has been affected by COVID-19. While there are some government programs in place to help your business replace lost income and keep your staff working, there are many other ways your business can help itself. Here’s what you should know.


Stay connected

If your team is working remotely, be sure to check in on them often to inspire them to work hard and keep the business afloat. Make sure there is no confusion about their role and what they need to do during this time. Next, let your customers and audience know how your business is handling COVID-19 and what new steps you are taking during this time.


Be resourceful

There are many ways your business can get creative with marketing and production during this time. Perhaps it is streaming online classes, developing a new and relevant product, or finding new ways to take your business to the customers if they cannot come to you.


Ramp up your digital marketing

Your online presence has never been so important. More than ever, people are researching brands online. If your website is outdated, your social media messages are irrelevant, or you don’t have an engaging blog, you will be missing out on sales. Make sure you’re doing all you can to focus on digital marketing during this time.


These are some tips that can help your business navigate COVID-19. When looking to protect your business, be sure to talk to our team at Abbate Insurance about how insurance policies can help during this time.

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