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Workplace Eye Wellness MonthJobs and occupations should never threaten eye health.

Every day in the United States, over 2,000 workers suffer an eye injury, while nearly 1 million have lost some of their sight due to an eye issue. These injuries have resulted in more than $300 million in lost time, medical expenses, and workers’ compensation! With that said, isn’t it time for employees and employers to step in and secure eye safety once and for all?

March, a.k.a. Workplace Eye Wellness Month, is a month dedicated to raising awareness of eye health, risks, and diseases that can easily be developed and overlooked in work environments.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to reduce workplace eye injuries is to wear proper safety glasses. Safety eyewear varies depending on the type of work being done, of course, but the general rule is that anyone passing through a work site should wear safety eyewear. The robust protective gear avoids eye damage from flying objects, tools, particles, and other hazards.

Office workers are not immune to eye damage. While they needn’t wear safety goggles at their desk for risk of flying debris, the most common eye condition to develop for those behind desks is computer vision syndrome. Although computer screens don’t permanently damage vision, they can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and difficulty focusing. This condition threatens the employee’s health, happiness, and overall productivity. Simple fixes for computer eye syndrome includes taking frequent rest breaks and repositioning the computer screen so it is at eye level with reduced screen brightness.

One of the most important steps employees can take to preserve their eyesight is to have their eyes examined annually. A professional can advise on further safety, as well as educate the individual about the importance of Workplace Eye Wellness Month!

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