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Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture for GoodStraighten up to improve your posture now and benefit your body.

Along with eating healthy foods and exercising often, we’ve been told over and over (and over!) about the importance of good posture. You probably still remember your parents, grandparents, and teachers telling you to sit up straight. Not only does slouching look uncomfortable and improper, but it’s bad for your health!

If the words from your childhood haven’t reinforced you sit up and stand up straight, here are some easy ways to improve your posture!

Do yoga for ten minutes every day.

Yoga is known to connect the mind and the body while managing to restore and strengthen the body’s frame. Even just a few minutes of yoga every day can increase your flexibility and stretch your muscles, aiding your posture to stand tall.

Do a lot of shoulder rolls.

Rounded shoulders that slump forward are a common side effect of weak posture. Unfortunately, this is one of the easiest and most harmful posture mistakes that we can make; it makes it harder for us to breathe deeply causing our heart to work harder than necessary. Shoulder rolls enable us to pull our shoulders back while pushing our heart up and out.

Keep your chin up.

Staring at our smartphones mean that our gaze is downwards, causing our posture to slump and slouch. Whether you’re looking at your phone, laptop, tablet, or cat, try to keep your chin pointed up as much as possible.

Get a standing desk.

Sitting down all day at work causes more strain on our bodies than we may realize as it can strain our necks and pull our shoulders forward (an absolute no-no in good posture). A standing desk enables us to stand tall while completing our work!

The professionals at Abbate Insurance hope that you straighten out your posture with these tips. To safeguard all of your assets and finances along with your future health, contact us for your reliable insurance policies!

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