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How Will Your Pet Affect Your Home Insurance?

group of five dogs

Pets and Home Insurance

When adding a pet to your household, take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Since all pets can be unpredictable, your insurance company considers the risk that may arise from a pet when writing a home insurance policy.

Dogs are one of the most common pets for people to keep, but they are also one of the riskiest in the eyes of your homeowners insurance.  Dogs bite more than 4 million people each year, and almost 1 million of those cases require medical attention.  Some homeowners insurance policies will provide coverage if your dog bites someone, if the pet was declared on your policy application.  If you have a dog, but fail to declare it on the policy application, you may jeopardize coverage in the event of a loss caused by your dog.

The breed of your dog is a factor in receiving insurance coverage.  Most insurance companies will increase your premiums if you have a large breed dog that can inflict serious injury with just one bite.  Also, many small dogs can be more aggressive than larger breeds.  Since a dog bite claim can come from any breed, insurance company consider breed and bite history when determining eligibility for coverage, and premiums.

Since dogs are not the only domesticated pets that people keep at their home, insurance providers will consider any animals that you have prior to writing coverage.  From horses to potbellied pigs, amphibians to reptiles, any pet that you have can affect your homeowners insurance coverages needs.

Contact your local Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent, Abbate Insurance in New Haven, Connecticut to discuss the appropriate coverages for the pets that you keep.

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