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How to Participate During Mental Health Month

Mental Health MonthHelp to spread the cause of Mental Health Month by getting involved!

Each May, individuals, businesses, and communities alike gather together to raise awareness about the importance of good mental health. Now is the time to better your knowledge on the subject and get involved to help those around you who may be suffering.

Mental Health Month should be a time to celebrate the advances in the mental health field and to bring awareness of the ongoing struggles of mental illness. Mental illness is a term that includes a wide range of conditions, from depression and anxiety to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Knowing the symptoms of mental illness and the risk factors involved can help catch the early warning signs.

Be Informed

The best way to educate others on the subject is to be informed yourself. Visit Mental Health America to learn the ins and outs of early signs, treatments, and more. This year, the theme of the Annual Conference is Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. The 2017 campaign in titles Risky Business and aims to educate the public on habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing mental illnesses. These include diverse risk factors such as prescription drug misuse, excessive spending, marijuana use, and Internet/gaming addiction.

Get Active Online

Mental Health America suggests that you can help to raise awareness online. Check out just a handful of ways below:

  • Use the hashtag #MentalHealthMonth
  • Update your Facebook and Twitter profile
  • Share the Mental Health America’s website to encourage others to follow suit

Encourage Mental Well-Being

Promote mental health by encouraging others to stay socially engage with friends and family, consume healthy diets, and reach out for help if they experience high levels of anxiety, sadness, or negative emotions.

Let us know how you are getting involved during Mental Health Month! For the peace of mind that you’re protected, visit Abbate Insurance in New Haven, Connecticut today.


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