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How to Get Life Insurance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic-induced isolation, you may have had a lot of time to consider your insurance policies. While you may have reviewed your current coverages already, you may have thought about getting a policy you do not have just yet – life insurance. But, can you even get it during this time?


You can still get a life insurance policy


Most insurance agencies will still be operating even if their business doors are temporarily closed as they are working remotely. This means that you will still be able to reach out to companies to enquire about securing life insurance coverage.


Most insurers during this time will ask if you have traveled to a coronavirus-hotspot recently, where it is possible you have picked up the virus. For example, if you have been to Italy recently, the insurer may postpone activating your policy until it is certain you have not contracted the virus.


The process may be different


If the policy you choose requires a medical exam, a health professional will visit you in your home to perform a basic health check. Carriers will also ask you specific questions about symptoms before sending someone to your house.


If you are not comfortable having someone come to your home, you can still get life insurance by shopping for a non-medical underwriting option. Once physical distancing restrictions have been lifted, you’ll have the option to increase the value of your benefit, either by switching to a standard policy or by adding supplemental coverage.


Finding the right life insurance coverage for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult – even during COVID-19. Are you ready to find the right life insurance for your needs? Talk to the professionals at Abbate Insurance. We can help you secure the right life insurance for your needs and budget in New Haven, Connecticut.

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