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Affordable Car Insurance for Your TeenAdding your new teen driver onto your insurance policy can be an expense – here’s how to save!

As a parent, if you’ve ever added your teen driver onto your auto insurance policy, you’ll know that coverage can be brutally expensive. Newly qualified teen drivers often cost a fair bit to insure as they represent a huge risk for insurers. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. drivers aged 16 to 19, and they are often overly confident, hesitant, and inexperienced on the roads.

Adding a teenager to your family’s car insurance is guaranteed to increase your premium, but discounts can lessen the blow. Check out these ways that you can save money on your policy!

Combine Policies
While you may be tempted to get your teen their own auto insurance policy to teach them independence, if cash is on your mind, choose to put them on your policy. It costs teens and their families less each year to be covered under one single car insurance policy than it does for teens to buy their own coverage.

Get Good Grades
Students with a B or better average in school are statistically less likely to have an accident within their first year of driving than those with lower grades. If your teen does well in school, ask your insurer about the Good Student Discount.

Training Courses
Young drivers who took a training course were less likely to get a traffic ticket or be involved in an accident than those who didn’t. Many insurers now offer discounts for drivers under 21 who complete an approved course.

Stay at Home
If your teen is attending school less than 100 miles away from home, or if they leave their car at home, many insurers offer a discount.

With good preparation and a focus on safe driving, you can effectively get affordable teen car insurance. Do you have the auto insurance that suits your family’s needs and budget?

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