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COVID-19 has changed life for us. Not only has it implemented social distancing, but it has changed how and when we clean our homes and vehicles. Removing germs from surfaces is essential to stop and slow the spread of the virus while protecting ourselves and others. To help eliminate the coronavirus from your vehicle, take a look at how to clean and disinfect it.


  • Wear a pair of washable or disposable gloves before cleaning your vehicle. If you have access to an apron and face make, use them too. If not, washing your clothes after cleaning your car is recommended.
  • Clean your car first. Remove clutter, dust, and grime from the interior of the vehicle.
  • Use a disinfectant to spray the surfaces of the interior. Focus on the steering wheel, dashboard, switches, buttons, central console, gear lever, handbrake, sun visors, and interior door handles. Spray these high-touch surfaces with a disinfectant and leave for a few minutes before wiping them down.
  • Spray the exterior door and trunk handles with disinfectant. Wipe clean.
  • Spray your car keys with disinfectant and wipe clean to remove germs. This is important, especially if they’re shared with a partner.


The more you use your vehicle, the more important it is to regularly clean and disinfect your vehicle.


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