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Is Your Home on the List of Houses That Cannot be Insured?

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When you find the home of your dreams, you probably are not thinking of what it will mean for your homeowners insurance policy. While there are many different types of home insurance, there are some homes that are much more difficult to insure than others. Keep this list of hard to insure homes in mind to help ensure that your next home has the protection it deserves.

  • Homes in disaster prone areas – there are dozens of natural disasters that can strike all across the country and can lead to serious damage. Buying a house in an area that is prone to earthquakes or hurricanes may make getting the right home insurance protection much more difficult.
  • Older homes – while older homes come with tons of charm, they also are much harder to insure. The unique architectural features that make older homes special also cost much more to repair or replace, which can mean a much harder time finding the right policy.
  • Vacant homes – buying a foreclosed home can help you save thousands of dollars on the price tag. It can also lead to spending that saved money on your insurance policy. While repairing and inspecting the home, chances are you will not be living in it, leaving it much more susceptible to vandals. Make sure to talk with your insurance agent before investing in a vacant home to ensure that you know what it will mean for your home insurance.
  • Vacation homes – while your vacation home can be a sanctuary when you want to get away, it can also pose an issue for your insurance agent while it is vacant for part of the year. Not only can it be easily broken into, but a small water leak that goes undetected could lead to serious damages while you are away.

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