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What Does Your Home Inventory Look Like?

Home Insurance Info New Haven CT

When you invest in a homeowners insurance policy, you assume that you and your assets will be covered in case of any disaster. However, do you really know if you have enough coverage? While you can make a guess of just how much coverage you need, knowing exactly what you own and what all your assets are worth can help to ensure that you have the protection that you deserve.

Creating a home inventory before a disaster strikes your house can help to make sure that you have the right amount of protection. Being able to take the time to create a home inventory while your house is in good condition will make it much easier to know what you lost during a fire or another disaster that completely destroys your house. Knowing what was lost can ensure that you are able to get the payout that you deserve after any disaster.

To help create the best home inventory possible, keep these tips in mind.

  • Document each item that you own as descriptive as possible, including a model number and brand if applicable. The more information that you can provide, the better.
  • If you still have any receipts, include them with the inventory. You should also consider including any cancelled checks to help prove what you paid.
  • Make sure that you include items that you do not use on a daily basis and may be stored in your attic, such as sports equipment, holiday decorations, and tools.
  • Check your home insurance policy so that you know if your belongings are protected for replacement cost or actual cash value.
  • If you have any valuable items, such as fine art or jewelry, consider increasing your insurance coverage, or scheduling the items within your policy.

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