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Give Back to the Local Community in the Spirit of Giving

Give Back to the Local Community

Thanksgiving is your chance to give back to your local community.

Now that the season of giving is upon us, many are thinking of different ways to get involved in the community. This means more than just recycling or donating clothes now and again. As active citizens in your society, you’re able to help those in need in a much more direct way.

Here are a few ways that you can give back to the local community in the spirit of giving.

Help The Homeless

At a time when warm homes and family gatherings are common, the homeless are left isolated. The National Coalition for the Homeless offers a number of ways for volunteers to combat homelessness by serving food at shelters, building homes, or offering job training. Get involved this year!

Deliver a Meal

Share a meal with a lonely person in need this holiday season. Meals on Wheels is a food-delivery program, which provides a nutritious meal, a friendly visit, and a safety check for a senior in their own home.

Visit a Senior

More than 50 percent of senior citizens in nursing homes never receive visitors. Why not bring a sense of family to those who don’t have their loved ones by visiting them? You’ll gain a companion and help the lonely feel less lonely.

Family Giving Tree

This organization helps you to figure out what to donate by accepting requests from charities, preschools, and day care centers. Find out how to get involved here!

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Don’t forget about our four-legged friends this season. Adopt a pet from a local shelter if you can offer them a loving home and a loyal family. Otherwise, volunteer at a shelter to help the team members take in stray and abandoned animals.

In Pewaukee, Wisconsin, there are plenty of opportunities to gift those less fortunate with your time, food, and support. How will you be giving back during this season?

From Abbate Insurance, we hope that you donate your time and support this season. To focus on the tasks at hand, be sure to contact us in New Haven, Connecticut to secure your needed insurance policies!


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