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Family Fun Beach Day IdeasEnjoy the surf and sand with your family this summer.

A day in the sun and the sand is a great way to spend some quality family time together. Once everyone has had a chance to drink some water and take a quick dip, it’s time to gather your family around to enjoy the sea, sand, and summer sunshine!

If you have kids that get restless at the beach, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s more to do than just building sand castles at the beach! Once your little ones have exhausted the waves, there are plenty of sand-based activities to keep them busy until sunset.

Check out our list of family fun beach day ideas!

Create beach art with shells
Allow your children to showcase their artistic side! Get an early start and collect as many colorful shells as possible. Next, create an outline of your favorite sea creature in the sand and fill the space with shells.

Relay race
Split up into two teams and use shovels or small cups to fill up your team’s bucket with ocean water as quickly as possible. Place the bucket 10 or so paces away from the shore to make it more of a challenge!

Sand Pictionary
When the tide is out, a damp and sandy beach is the perfect canvas for an exciting game of Pictionary. Add some summer flair to this game by adding in ‘crab,’ ‘watermelon’ or ‘beach ball.’ Once someone has correctly guessed the image, wait for the waves to clean the ‘board’ and start the next round!

Scavenger hunt
The beach is full of hidden treasures! Print off a list beforehand (with pictures) of items that your little ones need to spot to win the game. Start the day off with some easy-to-locate items (umbrella, shells) and slowly work your way toward more obscure finds (seaweed).

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