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Easy Ways to Improve Home Safety on a Limited Budget

Low-cost ways to improve your home security.

Not every homeowner has the budget to accommodate a video security system. This doesn’t mean that your home’s security has to be compromised. Even if your funds are limited, there are plenty of ways to make your home safer. Take a look at a few ideas below.

Stay on top of home maintenance

Walk around your home and identify any repairs that you have been meaning to get around to. The door that doesn’t completely lock, the window that can’t shut – all of these issues should be repaired as soon as the occur. In this case, burglars do not need to use much effort to break in. What’s more, with faulty locks, emergency escape routes become hazards.

Install adequate lighting

Exterior lights are cheap and easily accessible from home improvement stores. Pick up a couple of motion-sensor lights to install outside of your front and back door. While you’re at it, light your pathways so that people can see your house clearly. Using lights often detracts burglars who attempt to lurk in the dark shadows.

Tend to the yard

Burglars look for easy-to-hide places around the property while they work out their next move. For this reason, it’s wise to prune or replace large foundation plantings. That way, intruders cannot hide behind shrubs while prying open a window or door. Low, thorny bushes are a great deterrent.

These affordable ways get help to improve your home security. Visit the experts in the industry at Abbate Insurance to secure the right homeowners insurance policy for your property. Contact us in New Haven, Connecticut to get started today.

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