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Does a Swimming Pool Make It More Difficult to Insure My Home?

How a pool affects your homeowners insurance.

For many of us, having a pool in the backyard is a dream. You don’t have to fight tourists for sun loungers and you get to enjoy the peace of quiet of your own backyard. Although pools provide great summer recreation, they also increase the risk of someone getting injured on your property. The question of how a swimming pool might impact your insurance coverage depends on the rules your insurance company has regarding swimming pools.

Generally, pools are covered by your homeowners insurance policy, but you should always tell your insurer if you are planning to install a pool or have a pool in your backyard. Aside from increasing your personal liability exposure, pools are also expensive to maintain and repair. Insurers will take both the personal liability and structural liability into account when deciding whether to insure a home with a pool. Some insurers will classify a pool as an “attached structure” which is covered in a home policy. Others will consider it “personal property.”

Many insurers will have a list of guidelines that they expect homeowners to follow. Installing a fence around the pool is often required as this helps to prevent children from swimming unsupervised and deters trespassers from gaining entry. Insurance companies may be concerned about the presence of a diving board or slide, too. Some insurers will stay away from these features altogether because they notably increase the risk of personal injury to yourself and others. Other insurers will consider them as long as the water depth is sufficient for safe entry.

Swimming pools can provide hours of summer fun, but be sure that yours is properly safeguarded with reliable home insurance. If your property has a pool or you are considering installing one, contact the team at Abbate Insurance for help in determining how it could impact your insurance coverage.

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