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start of a home inventory with a camera and a laptopHow and why you should take a home inventory.

Most homeowners understand the importance of securing an insurance policy. However, if your home suffered a devastating loss, could you name all of your lost belongings? This is where a home inventory comes in handy. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the importance of such a tool.

What is the purpose of a home inventory?

A home inventory list makes it easier for insurance companies to review a complete record of what was damaged, as well as the value, and determine what needs to be replaced in the event of a disaster. Experiencing a natural disaster is stressful enough without having to try to remember everything that was damaged. Maintaining an accurate home inventory makes the insurance claims process smoother so that you can focus your energy on rebuilding and recovering from lost or damaged property.

How to create a home inventory

  • Move room by room and write down everything you own
  • Take photos or videos (or both!) of all of the items
  • Make sure to include any serial numbers/model numbers/identifying features
  • Keep receipts for purchases. Scan them or take a photo of them so that you have a digital copy
  • Store your inventory on paper and digitally so that you have multiple copies to reference
  • Update your inventory every time you purchase new items or donate/sell belongings 

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