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Fall Auto Insurance New Haven CTTips to keep your drive safe through fall.

Autumn is the season of change and that means some wonderful things: warm sweaters, picking pumpkins, apple pie, and bright orange leaves. For drivers, fall also brings unique dangers to the roads. Find out what makes fall driving dangerous and what you can do to keep yourself and passengers safe.

Watch your speed: Drive slower when faced with fall driving hazards, especially if you’re driving around a school bus, on rural roads, and in heavy rain.

Keep your distance: Leave more space than usual between you and the car in front on rainy or foggy days, during dawn and dusk, and in areas with wet leaves. This will allow you enough time to react.

Stick with low beams: Keep your headlights on low when driving in the mist, fog, and rain. High beams will only cause glare, and having no lights on could be hazardous.

Keep it clean: Driving in the low sun will make you wish you cleaned your windows thoroughly! When your windshield is illuminated by sunlight, the dust particles, streaks, and smudges become magnified, making it hard to see the road.

Watch out for wildlife: Especially in the early morning and evening hours, the chance of you meeting deer and roaming wildlife increases dramatically at these times. Always take it slow on country roads and keep an eye out for animals ahead.

Check your tire pressure: Since fall weather rapidly changes from warm to cold, your tires will often expand and contract. This can lead to a loss of pressure.

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