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Does My Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Contact Abbate For Your Commercial Auto Insurance Needs in New Haven, CTDetermine if your business would benefit from commercial auto coverage.

Whether your business is a florist, pizza delivery, party rental, taxi service, or an Ice Road Trucker, if you use a vehicle for your business, you need commercial auto insurance. Sure, you may be a bakery that only sometimes delivers cakes, but that still means you’ll need a policy.

It’s Sod’s Law – you think you’ll be fine without insurance but when you get into an accident while on the way to deliver a cake to a wedding, not only will the Happy Couple be not-so-happy, but you’ll be faced with paying expenses on your own. As your auto insurance will classify that trip as a business service, damages and repairs will be excluded from your personal auto insurance coverage.

You may need a commercial policy if:

  • You are using your vehicle to transport goods or people for free
  • You use your vehicle to conduct a service
  • You need higher limits of liability because of the nature of your work
  • You haul a considerable weight in tools or equipment or towing a trailer use to conduct your business
  • Employees operate the vehicle or if ownership is in the name of a corporation or partnership

Commercial auto insurance can cover a variety of incidents, such as:

  • Employees – including fellow employee coverage and broadened blanket policies that protect additional employees or people for whom your business is doing work.
  • Equipment – including loading and unloading goods.
  • Business – which protects your assets in the event of a lawsuit.

Additionally, you must meet Connecticut’s liability requirements which will include bodily and property damage coverage! This aids your business, vehicle, and employees in staying safe on the roads while conducting business.

Are you ready to get started on your commercial auto insurance? Contact Abbate Insurance in New Haven, Connecticut to get started on your tailored policy today.

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