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Do you run a small business, or are you planning to start one?  Then you know the meaning of the term “Risk”.  From cash flow to inventory, staffing to overhead, strategy, marketing, and more, there are many elements to a successful business.  But risk does not have to be absolute, and risk can be transferred.

“Risk Transferred?”, you say?  Yes, risk can be transferred, and the way it is transferred is through insurance.

It is important to be cognizant of the many perils that can affect your business.  But with the right insurance program you can let go of worrying about the perils, and focus on success.  In order to help you accomplish this Abbate Insurance Associates offers you The Consumer’s Guide to Small Business Insurance.  This useful resource has been prepared by Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agents® and offers an informative review of the questions business owners need to answer to ensure they are adequately protected from the many perils that can imperil their livelihood.

So whether it is the risk of the impacts of a weather related catastrophe, or a legally binding requirement for insurance coverage, you can transfer at least some of your risk to an insurance company and rest assured that you are properly insured.

What would you do in the event of a catastrophic loss to your home?  This is an important question to address, and part of the answer is preparing a Home Inventory Checklist of all the items in your home.  Many times we forget the amount of wealth invested in the furnishings and collections we own, and the extensive personal property we live amidst in our homes.  A Home Inventory Checklist can assist in the rebuilding process after a major property loss, and while some items can never be replaced, their value does not have to be lost.

Take a an hour to review the wealth you live surrounded by, and complete a Home Inventory Checklist as an assurance of peace of mind that you can rebuild with the comforts to which you are accustomed.

For all of your insurance needs, or more information about our helpful online resources, contact Abbate Insurance Associates in New Haven, Connecticut. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right insurance coverages in place for your unique situation.


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