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What Is the Major Difference Between Pet Wellness Plans and Pet Insurance?

Health insurance is important to have, whether you buy it on your own or get it through your employer’s benefits package. As a pet owner, the care of your animal is your responsibility. There was no such thing as pet insurance in the past, and you were responsible for all of the costs associated with their care. Recently, pet wellness

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Understanding How Pet Insurance Works: An Overview

Pet insurance is a great way to protect yourself from expensive veterinary bills. Depending on the type of policy you choose, you can rest assured that your pet will be able to receive the highest quality of veterinary care when they need it most. Pet insurance can be purchased to cover both injuries and illnesses. Most pet insurance policies can

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Top Considerations Before You Adopt a Cat

If you’re thinking of becoming a cat parent, adoption might be your best option. Adopting your new family member from a pet shelter is not only cheaper, as the adoption fee already covers the cost of vaccinations and a health check, but also saves the life of a cat. However, adoption should not be rushed into without adequate preparation. It

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