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Avoid any safety issues with your New Haven, CT home appliances with these tips.

Bringing home a new appliance, whether it is a toaster or TV, can help to make your life a little bit easier. However, failing to read the safety instructions can lead to serious safety issues. Along with reading the manual before installing and using your new appliances, keep these appliance safety tips in mind.

  • Never drape the electrical cord of an appliance into a sink or across a walking area. All excess cord should be confined in a safe area that is out of the way.
  • Do not use an appliance if its electrical cord is damaged. If the cord is frayed or has exposed wires, replace the damaged cord or throw the appliance away to stay safe.
  • Do not allow any of your electrical appliances to get wet from water or any other liquids, including the cords.
  • Use extra safety when using appliances when small children are around. Teach children how to properly use appliances when they are old enough.
  • Keep in mind that steam can cause a very painful burn. Whenever there is steam, keep children away and use extra caution.
  • Only use an appliance for its intended purpose. Using it for any other purpose can pose a safety hazard, reduce its lifespan, or void the warranty.
  • Appliance cords are short to keep the appliance as close to the plug as possible. It also helps to avoid creating a hazard with the cord. Do not overextend cords to stay safe.
  • If any appliances feel hot, warm is typically alright, it could be a sign of an electrical issue.

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