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7 Steps You Should Take Immediately After a Car Accident

Even the safest drivers can get into a car accident, so it is important to always be prepared while on the road. Remember that it is essential to stay calm. The processes after a car accident can be quite straightforward, provided you think clearly and take reasonable steps.

Here are seven steps you need to take immediately after a car accident.

  1. Check Yourself

    Check your body to know if there are any open wounds or sore areas. If you are hurt, dial 9-1-1 immediately for assistance. If the accident occurred on the main road and your car is still drivable, move it to a safe area away from traffic. If it is wrecked, leave it and walk to a sidewalk for safety. To avoid further wreckage, you can use flares or reflective emergency triangles to warn other drivers. If you see signs of an impending explosion, act fast to get away and move everyone out of harm’s way.

  2. Dial 9-1-1

    Dial 9-1-1 whether you are hurt or not, as the police must be present at the scene of every car accident. They will take statements, get copies of drivers’ licenses and registrations, and determine if any vehicles need to be towed. You will also be given a police report number, which comes in handy in case you need to visit the hospital or file an insurance claim.

  3. Take Notes

    If you have an auto insurance policy, you need adequate information about the other driver before filing a claim. Do not get into informal interactions with the other driver, as insurers warn against admitting guilt or blame to the other person. Instead, limit your interaction by making sure you only ask for the necessary information. Here are some of the details you will need before you can file a claim:?

    • Name and insurance information (if any) of the other driver
    • The other driver’s telephone number
    • Contact information of the witnesses, if any
    • Photographs and videos of the damage
    • Police report number
    • Police officer’s name and telephone number
    • Personal notes on what happened during the incident
  4. Take Photos and Videos

    Take pictures and make videos of the damage, as it may come in handy at any time. Your insurance company will likely take their own photos, but you should have them as well.

  5. Be Aware of the Situation

    Stay on top of the situation by asking the police necessary questions about what is happening to your vehicle. If it’s being towed, ask where it will be taken. If you have anything of value inside your vehicle, ask if you can remove it while you wait for a safe ride. After you have settled all that needs to be done at the accident scene, you can hire a rental car to take you home.

  6. Re-examine Yourself

    The feeling of pain may not manifest itself immediately after an accident, but after some of the adrenaline wears off, you may start experiencing some discomfort. Health experts recommend going to the doctor for a complete checkup after an accident, whether or not you have any visible physical injuries.

  7. File Your Claim

    Once you have all the information you need, contact your insurer to file a claim. Auto insurance can help minimize out-of-pocket costs by reimbursing you with the cost of your vehicle’s repair or replacement. The right team of insurance professionals will be quick to help you navigate any auto claim.

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