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6 Smart Ways to Keep Cool Without AC During Summer

Summer is the hottest season of the year, and as a result of global warming, most states are experiencing intense heat waves. Are you looking for ways to keep cool during this time of the year? Of course, turning on the AC is the simplest solution to this problem, but what if you do not have one or want to be more conscious of energy consumption?

Here are a few ways to stay cool without AC during summer.

  1. Stay Hydrated

    Regardless of the weather, your body needs water at all times. During summer, your body suffers from heat and needs moisture to cool itself by sweating. Drinking lots of water helps you stay cool, and also prevents serious health conditions like heat exhaustion.

  2. Take a Cold Shower or Bath

    Take frequent showers and baths with cold water to lower your body temperature. For better results, use peppermint soap while bathing. Peppermint contains menthol, which helps activate the brain receptors to cool down your body.

  3. Use Cold Wash Rags

    Place cold wash rags or ice packs on your wrist or around your neck to cool your body. Your neck and wrist are pulse points where the blood vessels are closest to the skin, so putting cold wash rags in these areas will help you cool down fast.

  4. Cross Ventilation

    Do you have two opposite-facing windows in one room? If yes, you can open the windows when the temperature falls between 50oF and 70oF to facilitate cross-flow ventilation. You can also turn on the fan for better results, as it pulls hot air away from the room and the cross ventilation lets in the cool breeze.

  5. Close Your Curtains or Blinds

    Contrary to what many people think, closing the curtains can be a good way to keep your room cool. If your windows face the sun, you should keep your curtains closed as the direct rays will heat the room and push out the cool air. For best results, you can use special blackout curtains to insulate the room and reduce the temperature.

  6. Sleep in Breathable Linens

    During summer, it is not advisable to use heavy fabrics for bedding. If you want to stay cool throughout the night, make sure to sleep in breathable materials like cotton. Switch those polyester bedspreads or blankets for cotton ones for a good quality sleep.

Some Other Tips to Lower Your Body Temperature

The following are a few more ways in which you can lower your body temperature

  • Have cold drinks or beverages
  • Wear light-colored clothes
  • Avoid cuddling and sleeping close to others,
  • Keep a bowl of cold water at your bedside to dip your feet if you feel hot in the middle of the night

These are a few effective ways to keep cool without AC during summer. If you are looking for the right insurance coverage for your personal needs, contact our experts at Abbate Insurance today. We compare prices among different insurance companies to give you the best rates available.

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