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Ask Before Saying Yes to a New Car DealSpot the issues that could sour your purchase.

You may be excited to drive that new car off the dealership lot, but before you make a deal and sign on the dotted line, there are a few things to consider. Take the time to ensure that there are no hidden problems that will surface when you’re in the middle of signing your contract. This could also be your last chance to use your leverage to sweeten the deal a little more.

Ask these questions before shaking hands on a sale.

What other fees will I be charged?

Up to now, you will have only been negotiating the price of the car itself. You will be required to pay additional fees, such as sales tax, registry costs, tire recycling charges, and a documentation expense. Some dealerships may be able to make you a deal on the ‘out-the-door’ price, so it’s worth asking.

How many miles are on the car?

You may be under the impression that brand-new cars have less than 50 miles on the clock. In some cases, the car may have gone through a lot of tests and may have racked up over 300 miles. If this is the case, you may be inclined to ask for a lower price.

Are there any dealer-installed options on the car?

Sometimes, the dealer adds on items as a way to boost profit. Popular add-ons include nitrogen-filled tires, window tinting, wheel locks, all-weather floor mats, paint protection, and more. You should know about the add-ons well in advance to ensure that you’re buying the vehicle for the right price.

Once you’ve settled on a price, it’s time to sign the documents and enjoy your new car! One of the best ways to ensure the protection of your new purchase is to secure reliable car insurance. For coverage you can count on, visit Abbate Insurance! Our auto insurance policies serve New Haven and neighboring cities in Connecticut.

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