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firefighter walking out of burned houseProtect your home with these home safety tips.

Our home is our safe haven, protecting our belongings and family. Unfortunately, most homes are vulnerable to a number of safety and security risks that require homeowners and renters to take additional steps to mitigate them. Here are the top three security threats and some recommended solutions that help to keep everyone safer.


Every 20 seconds, a home is burglarized in the U.S, which comes at a great cost to homeowners and insurers. One of the best ways to protect the family home is to install a security system. Although this may seem like a great outlay, the protection is well worth the expense. Additionally, basic burglar proofing can help to deter criminals. Installing exterior lighting, locking the doors, and trimming the landscaping around doors helps to prevent criminals from eyeing up your property.


All it takes is one small spark to significantly damage property. Homeowners should take adequate care when using anything fire-related, whether that’s cooking in the kitchen, lighting candles or plugging in electrical equipment. Make sure that you test fire alarms monthly, refreshing the battery supply as needed.


Falling is a common household hazard. To help prevent falls, eliminate clutter around the home, secure rugs, install night-lights, and place non-skid mats in the bath and shower.

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