Archives for November 2017

What You Should Know About Employee Fraud

Hoping you hired the tight team isn’t enough – Tackle employee fraud before it starts. Employees are one of your biggest assets, even though they don’t appear on your balance sheet. They help you to operate your business and are the faces of your Read More

Whole Life vs. Term Life: What is Best for You?

Weigh up the benefits of securing either term life insurance or whole life insurance. While no one likes to think about it, life insurance is a must. Are there people counting on you for income? If you were to pass suddenly, would these people be Read More

Are You Ready for a Blackout?

Learn how to prepare for a power shortage before it goes dark.  Weather, accidents, storms, and not paying the electricity bill can disrupt the power that we’re so used to having. Serious damage to the power lines and the electrical grid can cause Read More

How to Save on Electricity Costs as It Gets Cooler

Simple and inexpensive solutions can help you to save money as the temperatures outside drop. Ah, winter. The season is almost here and we can practically smell peppermint lattes in the air. Although the winter is a fun month to bundle up and enjoy Read More