Auto Insurance For Both Parents and Teens

Archives for July 2016

Tips for Teens (and Parents) for Auto Insurance

Is your teen ready to get behind the wheel? Last time you checked, your child was playing with toy trucks, and in flash, they’re ready for their own set of wheels. The first time that your teen gets behind the wheel marks a pivotal moment in your Read More

The Etiquette of Emojis

Express yourself with smiley faces – but be sure to read this first! Since most of the nation have updated their Nokias and Blackberrys to smartphones, the use of emojis has exploded. More and more often, smartphone users are turning to these smiley Read More

How to: Take Better Photos on Your Vacation!

Traveling this summer? Capture your journey with these tips. Summer is the time for traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, and exploring! Whether you plan to hike your local hills or jet set for a round-the-world adventure, you may be contemplating Read More

Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture

Straighten up to improve your posture now and benefit your body. Along with eating healthy foods and exercising often, we’ve been told over and over (and over!) about the importance of good posture. You probably still remember your parents, Read More