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Mother’s Day 2016 Events in Connecticut

Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 8th for those of you slackers)! Don't forget to plan something a little extra special for the woman that brought you into this world. We searched the Internet to bring you a variety of events and Read More

Insurance Coverage: Driving Someone Else’s Car [Infographic]

Before you get behind the wheel of a friend or family member's car, make sure you know if you will be insured should anything happen while you are in possession of the car.  Learn what questions to ask before you make the decision to drive a vehicle Read More

Bicycle Insurance: When a Rider May Want a Rider

Pedal your way to bicycle safety. Bicycling for sport and for pleasure have increased dramatically since people have found benefits of cutting down their gas station stops and waistline. Because of this, roads are becoming cyclist-friendly! For Read More

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Getting Life Insurance

These common life insurance traps can cause severe harm to your family’s finances. Whether you’re springing for life insurance because you’re getting on in life, or because you’d rather be safe than sorry, know that it is one of the most valuable Read More

Does My Business Insurance Protect Against Hazards Outside of My Office?

Insurance coverage can extend to the great outdoors! When businesses buy insurance, they’re usually concerned with protecting everything within the four walls. Whether your business has a custom-made exterior sign, outdoor seating, or a lounging Read More

Does My Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Determine if your business would benefit from commercial auto coverage. Whether your business is a florist, pizza delivery, party rental, taxi service, or an Ice Road Trucker, if you use a vehicle for your business, you need commercial auto Read More